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Instructions for Working with Foil Designs


Attention: Does not work with foil designs under 10 degrees Celcius. The foil decal is held between the backing paper and the transparent application tape. Due to temperature changes the application tape can sometimes become detached during transportation. Should this occur, replace the tape and, using a clean dry cloth, press the tape firmly in place to re-attach it to the decal. The backing paper can then be care- fully removed leaving the decal on the application tape. Before removing the backing paper however, check the placing of the decal by putting it in the required position and making guide-marks to aid appliction where neccessary.

Carefully remove the backing paper to leave the decal on the transparent application tape. Make sure that any fine details of the design (eg: the dot on the letter "i") come away cleanly. You may want to use a small, sharp-edged tool like a modelling knife to aid you with this, but if so, be careful not to damage the decal.First make sure that the surface you indend applying the decal on is clean and dry. Then, holding the application tape in both hands, lower it gently into the required position. Ideally start at one edge and apply the tape carefully to minamise air bubbles that can be trapped under the decal. Press the design firmly in place using a soft, dry cloth and working any air bubbles out towards the edge of the design. Once in place, slowly peel away the application tape. This is designed to come away cleanly, leaving the decal in position.

Attention: The decal adesive requires 48 hours to set solid. Once set it can be treated as part of the regular finish and needs no special treatment eg: when washing the car.

Material and our foil colors you find HERE!